5 Design Principles

The principles of design are used for creating products, signs and many other material items. Many developers, designers and manufacturers create signage, commercial items and packing items by following these guidelines.

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Here are 5 design principles that are often used for this purpose.

Basic Principle of Design

Whenever any sign, product or package is created some elements of this item must stand out stronger than the other. If not then the item will not look balanced and people will have a hard time trying to understand how to use it or to understand the message it is trying to convey.

So a designer will have to think carefully about how they want to create a particular item. Elements such as dominance and focal points must be strongly considered. However, other important aspects such as balance, repetition and hierarchy must be adhere to as well.


When a product is created producers are going to have to figure out which element is going to dominate the overall product. For example, the basic selling point (in terms of design) of a smartphone is its screen size.

Whenever someone sees a smartphone they will notice this first. Nearly all modern smartphones do not have any physical buttons on them since most of them are electrical or virtual.

Designers who create signs, posters and advertisement know they cannot overcrowd a page. They have to allow certain objects in a picture to stand out while leaving others in the background. This way the dominant element of sign can stand out the most.

Whether it be a slogan, a logo or a picture of a famous person; these elements must be strategically positioned on a sign to convey dominance.

Focal Point

The focal point of a picture or product is the next element of design. It is similar to the dominant theme but it is differs in the fact that it supports compliments the dominant theme.

For example, if there is a movie poster starring a favorite actor he would be the dominant theme of the advertisement. If there is a love interest for the leading man she will be emphasized but not on the same level as the main character.

Focal points are also used to convey secondary messages or information about a product or design.


Balance is another important element of design. When a product or sign is balanced it is easier to manipulate or read. People will easily understand the information that it is trying to convey.

Balance is achieved by arranging elements on a page or a product in such a way where people can quickly access and recognize them without being confused or frustrated.


Repetition is a necessary aspect of design because it helps people to quickly grasp a message or the function of a product. Signs and products must have some type of repetitive quality about them if not they will be distorted or irregular.

For example, a laptop should always have a monitor attached with a keyboard that has a standard set up as regular keyboard. If not most people will be confused about how to use it.

In advertisements all or most of the words should use the same font for letters and they should be ordered in a particular direction (left to right or up to down). Once again, if repetitive elements are not included in a sign it can be very confusing to read.


The principle of hierarchy is important to design themes. Hierarchy is simply the amount of information that a person is trying to convey in their picture or product.

Products such as smartphones emphasize screen size, graphics and device manipulation. The better a designer structures a message or arranges the elements on a product; the easier it will be for a customer to use a unit.

Hierarchy helps designers to organize and present information from the most important aspect to the least.

Design elements are important for signs and products because they give them their distinctive features. People will identify information or figure out what a product is by the way that it has been developed or configured.

Without the principles of design, it would be hard to covey messages or to create goods that would be practical to use.

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The 3 principles of Interior Design

As someone who builds custom homes in Perth for a living, I’ve dealt with my fair share of having to do some interior design for my properties.

When designing an interior space, putting vases and paintings and other decorations up its a good idea to think of these principles of interior design. Sometimes when you don’t have a clue you can get inspiration.


This can be featured in magazines. There are dozens of interior design magazines with hundreds of photographs showing examples of dream homes, so you won’t be short of ideas.

Or you can simply look through your things, things that you like – furniture, art, etc and your favorite colors and study them for the inspiration you need for your home.

It’s amazing what you can think of when you have a few things nearby. Once you have an idea, then you’re on the way to start planning and decorating your home.


It’s one thing to decorate your home, but you need to make it work properly.

– A point known as the focal point that attracts attention from visitors the moment they walk into the room – a fireplace, a painting, a sculpture. Magazines carry lots of inspiration for such a focal point in case, again, you have no idea. And if you have no focal point, something colorful would be just as sufficient.

– Furniture has to be functional and fit into your home design as well. The furniture has to match the room – not too large and not too small. Make a trade in case the furniture doesn’t fit into your vision of the perfect room.

– Lighting is another important function in the design of the rooms. The lighting has to fit with the functions of each room, and depending on the rooms themselves direct or indirect lighting will work. It’s a good idea to research the kind of lighting you need for the rooms.

Once you’ve gotten the ideas of what you want for the rooms its a good idea todraw a rough sketch of the furniture arrangement. Again its another good idea to stress how important it is to have the right kind of furniture for the rooms. Measure the furniture and draw on the design where you want it in your home.


If you have a bright and cheery personality, it’s reflected in the color scheme of your home. Other factors like furnishings and style also contribute to the mood of your home design.

– If you design your home to show a hobby like the sea, you would design it with the colors blue, green or turquoise whilst adding pictures of marine life.

– Color should always support the theme. It’s generally traditional forthree colors to be used – dominant for the room, walls for instance. A secondary color found in fabrics and an accent color which gives excitement to the design.

– If you have too many shiny things ortoo much soft furniture it becomes boring. Variety is what makes a room interesting. Patterns can be used for texture and give variety to a room.


Now here is where you can make your mark on the design. Every person has their own personal tastes and their own touch.

– Accessorizationwhere you display art in the form of pictures, sculptures or decorative rugs and pillows. Other accessories can be antiques, model ships, vases that can be placed on the mantel.

– A whimsical scheme is an option for your plan that can remove any kind of dull decoration. A sitting room or a bedroom can be fitted with a colorful quilt or abstract painting that adds another focal point to your design.

– The good thing is interest doesn’t need to be abstract or whimsical. Something interesting like a painted door or an unusual decoration will do.

Good luck.

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5 Tips To Designing Your Backyard

With warm weather on its way, many people’s minds turn to their backyard and ways to spruce it up for the summer. There are many interesting and creative design ideas for your outdoor spaces and this article reveals five creative tips to help make your backyard beautiful.

1. Make An Outdoor Playroom

If you have kids, your know that getting them outdoors in the fresh air to burn off energy is vital. The trouble is, you need to keep them safe at the same time. The answer is to create an outdoor playroom in your backyard. Choose an area that is safely surrounded by fences and a lockable gate that cannot easily be climbed over while grass or padded flooring is ideal to soften falls.

My kids are always playing paintball back in our yard, and they have a blast. As a mom, I’m always wondering what to wear while paintballing for my kids, so they can have the proper outfits.

As for which outdoor toys to choose, that depends on your child’s preferences; trampolines, swings and slides are readily available to provide hours of physical exercise while playhouses, toy kitchens and sand pits are a great source of open-air fun.

2. Bring Your Kitchen Outdoors

Whether you live in a year-round warm climate or just want to enjoy your summer to the max, an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic choice for your backyard. Installing a built-in barbecue is a simple way to cook in the open-air but if you have the space, why not go the whole hog and invest in a full outdoor kitchen island with storage, bar area, sink and refrigerator. Enjoy meals outdoors the whole summer long.

3. Create A Backyard Living Room

Why not extend your living space into your backyard? There are plenty of ways to create a beautiful seating area in your outdoor environment. Why not try one of these great suggestions:

A gazebo – enjoy outdoors in the rain under cover.

Raised decking – a stylish addition to any garden, separate your living space from your flowerbeds.
A pergola – choose undercover seating European style with a flower or vine covered pergola.
Retractable awnings – For those extra-hot days, install a retractable awning for those who need the shade.

There are countless seating options available from rattan sofas and chairs to weatherproof bean bags that are perfect for lounging and relaxing.

4. Enjoy The Spirit Of Wild Living With A Fire Pit

If you have a large backyard, you may be wondering how you can best use all that space. A fire pit creates an amazing feature in your garden and is perfect for late night cookouts. Choose either a commercially available fire pit or install a customized built-in stone pit surrounded by stone bench seating for fun nights under the stars eating smores.

5. Small Backyard Feature Corners

If you only have a small backyard area, you needn’t think you can’t enjoy your outdoor space. Create a feature corner filled with mis-matched plant pots, a mini-rockery or miniature pond. Use solar lighting to extend the time you can spend outdoors – string lights or Chinese paper lanterns are the perfect options for brightening up dark corners.

Enjoy your backyard this summer with one of these fun garden designs.


The bathroom has gone a long path in the previous last one hundred years. Once only a fundamental tub set before the front room fire and loaded with basins of water, the washing knowledge is presently an extravagance in every western home.

In those days, a “washroom” was something just for the rich and the favoured could bear to have in their home. It was this pattern that prompts the large scale manufacturing of toilet items.

The Edwardian and Victorian styles of the time are still a well-known decision today. They look beautiful in an estate or cabin bathroom, and never free their allure regarding outline. Nowadays, on account of cutting edge pipes and advanced innovation, the lavatory may well have developed similarly as it can.

With extravagance steam rooms and hydrotherapy showers, it is difficult to envision how bathrooms could get any more advanced.

That said, the bathroom, similar to any room in the house, is regularly changing regarding configuration patterns. With these basic bathroom outline thoughts in this article, you can make your bathroom look remarkable and excellent in the blink of an eye through this ways:

A Streamline Design

Streamline the outline of your bathroom with divider mounted toilets and divider hung vanities that seem to buoy over the floor. Make a more extravagant, open feel in your lavatory with coasting apparatuses. Substantial windows and a frame-less shower walled in the area will likewise give the deception of more space while improving the excellence of your washroom.

Spa-like Bathroom Accessories

There’s been more accentuation than any other time in recent memory for making your extraordinary individual spa desert garden in your bathroom. Streamed showers are at the highest priority on the rundown for absolute necessities for bathroom plans in 2013. For brisk, extravagance redesigns, introduce warmed towel racks, or a shading changing LED lit shower head. The shower’s LED lights in the shower head can be fuelled by the water momentum and change shading to compare with the temperature of the water. For a bigger venture, introduce warmed floors in your lavatory for included warmth and solace, to match some fancy new toilets you can also purchase.

Characteristic Light

Individuals need bathrooms to be brighter and more sun-filled than at any other time in recent memory some time recently. From sky facing windows to floor-to-roof windows, standard light is a hot pattern for bathrooms. This is perfect for bathrooms that face characteristic landscape. Acquiring the outside to your bathroom aides underscore that spa-like, individual retreat.

Splashing Tubs

Nowadays you can see loud Jacuzzi tubs supplanted with peaceful dousing tubs. Dispose of the customarily extensive decking that encompasses your shower tub and amplify space and modernize your lavatory with a just taking the ribbon off new drenching tub. Drenching tubs don’t require the extra pipes of a conventional Jacuzzi tub and are for the most part bigger in size.


With innovation getting to be more quick witted and a more cognizant exertion towards “greening” your house, we see a substantial increment in Eco-accommodating items being utilized as a part of the washroom. Vitality sparing bathroom lighting, keen radiators, low stream shower heads, double flush toilets and water sparing fixtures are every magnificent approach to developing environmental awareness. Notwithstanding utilizing reused glass ledges and tile can look completely fantastic in the lavatory. See more on toilets here: http://www.thetoiletkeeper.com/

If you want to make your bathroom more than only a room that you can be pleased with then you must have the best inside configuration for it. The principal thing that you must consider is the means by which to utilize the space on its most extreme. Experts can help you to accomplish the ideal inside outline for your bathroom. Considering the measure of time you spend to your lavatory will inspire you in making it agreeable as could be expected under the circumstances

The Benefits of Building A Home Gym

So your New Year’s Resolution was to work out more and yet you’re no closer to signing up for that gym membership than you were on the 2nd of January. But why is that? There’s all sorts of reasons why people hate going to the gym and taking all those strong supplements, but here’s the perfect solution… build a home gym instead! There are so many reasons why building a home gym is a great idea and here are just a few.


One of the reasons that people put off going to the gym is that they actually have to go there. It sounds silly, but after a hard day at work, the last thing anyone wants to do is go back out again, drive into town and visit the gym. It’s so much easier to just go down into the basement or into the spare room and work out for 30 minutes in the convenience of your own home.

Opening Times

If you work shifts or unusual hours, you may find that your local gym is closed just when you need it most. If you’re sick of arranging your workout schedule to fit in with your gym’s opening hours, a home gym offers the ideal solution. Your home gym is never closed. If you want to work out at 10 p.m, bench press at 3 a.m. or run a few miles on the treadmill at lunchtime, it’s no problem, you don’t have to please anyone but yourself.


If you are new to exercising and still feel a bit worried or unsure about your abilities, you might be uncomfortable going to a regular gym. Sometimes, when you begin working out, you feel unattractive and unfit and may feel insecure about others watching you exercise. There’s no need to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in the safety of your own home gym. I can do my thing, take my supplements, read up on Onnit reviews, all in the comfort of my own home.


You might think that building a home gym is going to be a huge financial outlay, and yes, it is going to cost a lot of money to invest in all that equipment. But think about how much you’re going to save in the long run. Gym membership is big business and sets you back a hefty sum every month. All those monthly payments soon mount up and before you know it, your home gym is going to start paying for itself.


In your own home gym you can play your own music and enjoy your own company. There’s no distractions, no awful tunes, no chattering, no socializing. You can simply get down to the business of exercising.


The regular gym is sometimes more like a catwalk than a place to exercise. Wearing the right clothes to fit in sometimes becomes of ultimate importance. At your own home gym you can wear anything you like.

No traveling, no hassle, no embarrassment… Building a home gym is a great choice for anyone who wants to exercise and get fit in the comfort and security of their own home.

Five Design Tips For Your Home

Simple, little home changes can give interior appearances a little pick-me-up, with just a few design tricks. Design tips for your home doesn’t have to involve thousands of dollars worth of updates. Design tricks can be nothing more than adding pillows to a favorite couch, adding mirrors of varying sizes and design, changing room colors, or add plants and other accessories.

1. Add Pillows

Try mixing various patterns and textures that help display your personality and style. No matter what type of furniture you have, add pillows that vary in color and patterns that enhance your current decorating style and which brings warmth and added depth or texture into your sitting room. Stack your pillows of varying sizes to give your furniture depth. Choose various styles for your pillows that will become an artistic focal point in your home.

2. Use Slip Covers

There is no need to professionally re-upholster your chairs or other seating furnishings. Modern slip covers are making a great come back in various colors and patterns. Slip covers can be easily changed to reflect seasonal changes or your whim of a new color. Also, slip covers can be removed from your furniture and washed if a spill or a stain occurs. For a quick fancy makeover, place slip covers and chair covers over your furniture and change your whole room. Modern furniture covering are designed in patterns of:

• floral,
• stripes,
• plain colorful selections,
• varying unique designs, and so much more, including varying textures and fabrics.

3. Area Rugs

Add dimension, style, texture, and color to any room, with the addition of area rugs. Area rugs are especially unique when added to hardwood flooring. They can add fun and functionality to your living rooms, with designs and textures that add uniqueness and sophistication. You can change area rugs around and to reflect seasonal tones. Many area rugs are washable and comfortable for everyone in the family. Choose area rugs that feature different patterns and colors that speak to your personality. Area rugs for a new design tip, helps rooms feel larger and stylists believe that they help to increase the perception of space.

4. Add A Coat Of Paint

Another design tip for your home is to repaint your favorite rooms, with trimming to make it more pronounced. Changing the color of your room is important to our psyche. Modern colors are fun and easy to use, with just one coat. The right color of any room can open it up and give homeowners a more spatial appearance. A new color theme, also helps to improve our mood and through processes. Don’t be afraid to go bold – step out of your comfort zone. Paint your favorite room grey with a bright, white trim, thus complementing and highlighting each other. If painting another color is too much excitement for you, then simply update your existing room color with a fresh coat.

5. Add Wall Art

Have fun in redesigning your home, with the types of wall art that appeals to you. Simple wall art can include your favorite plates; inexpensive shelving to place family pictures on’ varied mirrors; pictures of your choice surrounded by your favorite phrases or one word thoughts; or many of your DIY artwork. All these ideas, should involve various colors and styles, to really make your room pop in a simple, cost effective way.

It’s the simple things that can give your home a new decorating design, like re-arranging your furniture, adding a new lamp and so much more. You don’t have to spend a fortune for home updates. You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel, when you add interesting design tips for your home.

How to Design the Ultimate Man Cave

The idea of having their own man cave is an appealing prospect for many men. It is the equivalent to a mini-bachelor pad for the attached man who wants his own personal area within his home to spend time doing the things he enjoys. If the concept of a man cave sounds appealing to you, here are some tips for designing the ultimate man cave.

Choosing Your Space

Where you have your man cave will predominantly depend on the space available in your home. Basements and loft areas can make the perfect man cave, or a spare bedroom can easily be transformed into your dream room. Another alternative is to convert a garden shed or a garage into a room where you can get some peace and enjoy doing the activities you love.

Plan Your Design

You will need to think about both the amount of space you have available and the shape of the room. This will help you to plan where you want your things to be and to create and where you will want to spend time. Measuring the room and the things you want to put in it can help with this.

Interior Decor

Your man cave could quite possibly be the only area of your home that you get to apply a manly touch to as your partner is likely to have added feminine touches to the other rooms in your house. In your man cave, you will have the opportunity to reflect your personality and show your masculine side. You can also add personal touches. For example, you may want to add some of the following features to the interior of your man cave:

  • Favourite photographs
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Rock or movie posters
  • Personal certificates and trophies

Consider Comfort

It is important that when you and your mates are in your man cave that you are comfortable. The most important thing is to make sure you have somewhere comfortable to site yourself. Whether this is your favourite battered old recliner armchair or a smart gaming chair is entirely up to you. If you have the space, you might also want to consider adding seating so that you can invite your mates round.


Now for what is possibly the most important part in designing the ultimate man cave- what should you keep in there? Really, this is down to what you enjoy doing as you will want your man cave to be a space where you can spend time having fun and relaxing. Your man cave should be a reflection of both your personality and of your personal interests.

You might want to add a pool table, a mini bar and a dartboard to create an atmosphere similar to your local pub. If you are into technology and gaming, you may prefer to use this room to keep a television, computer and all your gaming equipment. Alternatively, you may prefer to create a quiet and relaxing environment with book-lined walls and an aura of calm.

What constitutes the ultimate man cave will be different from one man to the next. The type of area you use and the space available will have a big impact on the possibilities you can consider when you are designing your man space, as will your personality and your personal interests. So long as it is a room filled with the things you love and where you feel comfortable, it will be the ultimate man cave for you.

Best Home Office Design Tips

Designing and creating one’s own home office came be a daunting task and feel a bit overwhelming at times. Below are five tips to make the design process, as well as the installation, go as smooth as possible.

1. Plan Ahead

It is essential to have a well thought out, detailed plan for your home office before embarking on creating the space. The plan needs to include a design theme, a basic layout, a materials list, a detailed budget and a timeline. Doing thorough research during planning will save time and money spent on the project. When creating your plan, it is important to measure accurately and more than once, in order to get the best results. Materials are often purchased based on the measurements for the space. Incorrect measurements can increase expenses.

2. Team Up

When planning and creating the home office, it is beneficial to involve others. For the creative types, coming up with a theme and materials list for the home office design may be a breeze. However, the more structure and task based individual may struggle with this. Pairing up with a trusted friend or family member who is of the opposite predisposition can alleviate some of the stress of the project. Also, if the home office design requires major remodeling or repairs of the space, you may need to enlist someone knowledgeable and perhaps even licensed, in order to get the job done.

3. Focus on You

Yes, your home office is a work space. So you may be tempted to make you home office exclusively work oriented. Studies show the people are most productive when they are well rested, well-nourished andcomfortable. Create an environment that is pleasing to you and that supports those three things. Incorporate healthy, mood elevating amenities such as plants and natural light in your space. Consider having a place to store healthy snacks and beverages. Personalize your home office so it becomes one of your favorite places to spend time but minimize anything that creates a distraction from work.

4. Make it Functional

While your home office needs to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, it also needs to be fully functional. Be sure that your work needs are well represented and supported in your space. If you are an artist or designer, the lighting of the space will be a high consideration. For someone who works with music, the acoustics of the space will be important. Your home office also must provide adequate storage for the tools of your trade as well as ample work space. If your business is one that requires you to meet with clients or others, you’ll need to create an inviting and accessible home office.

5. Be Flexible

Designing a perfect home office can be a process of trial and error. Ideas that seemed great during the designing and planning phases may prove to be too complicated, too expensive or just impossible. It is important to be ready for a set back or two and be able to adjust your plan accordingly.